Bursary Fund – Updates

February 2019

  • A bursary fund report will be available for the AGM.
  • 10 bursaries of £250 each will be presented in May

Earlier Updates

October 2018

A meeting of Bursary Trustees was held at Crypt School on October 16 2018 to provide an update on recent developments, the results of which are summarised.

To date this year the number of active subscribers to the fund has increased from 92 to 94 together with 6 organisations.  Gross assets increased from £63,931 at December 31 2017 to £66,593 at present. Allowing for deductions made for the 2018 student award scheme of £2,500 leaves a net balance of £64,093. Currently capital is held in two accounts: Virgin money £45,000; and CAF Bank £19,093.

To improve interest it has been agreed to close the Virgin account and transfer to a Cambridge and Counties Charity Bank Bond yielding a fixed rate of 1.86% pa. The aim is to finance the annual students award scheme largely from income rather than deplete capital.

The latest 2018 bursary awards distributed at school in June increased to 10 (£250ea) covering the 4 categories Academic; Art, Music, Drama; Travel; and Sport. For the future it was agreed to maintain 8-10 awards.

Following an approach to Mr Rich Brooks current Treasurer of the OCC, we are pleased to announce that Rich has agreed to become Financial Examiner for the OCC Bursary Fund and will examine the 2017 accounts submitted by our Treasurer.

We are anxious to recruit new subscribers to ensure continuation of the Bursary award scheme for the future. Information has been traditionally provided in the pages of the Cryptian. Efforts will be reinforced to publicise the Bursary on the OCC website.

March 2016

Richard Browning, as Chairman of the Bursary Fund Trustees, presented the latest report at the AGM of the Old Cryptians Club, held at Kingsholm on 12th March 2016.

Here is the full report.  OLD CRYPTIANS CENTENARY BURSARY REPORT 2001 (2)

May 2013

A lunch was organised recently for the recipients in 2013 of the Old Cryptians’ Bursary Scheme.  The fortunate pupils are selected jointly by the Headmaster and the Trustees of the Scheme.

Bursary Lunch

The full list of pupils and their attainments are as follows:

6 x Academic Awards  – Sixth Form – NCD / MBr / RBs

Jack Hibberd (School Captain) – Law – Oxford

Adam Gibbons – Engineering – Oxford

Jon Madigan – Maths & Economics – Oxford

Ashley Berrill – History & Philosophy – Cardiff

Emma Greenwood – History & Philosophy – Warwick

Nick Jones 

6 x Arts awards – Music / Drama/ Art – IH/JCL/CM

Zac Miller (Y13) – Music

Sam Miller (Y13) – Music

Matt Brew (Y12) – Music – Wants to study music at University

David Crowe (Y10) – Music – Very talented, is a high flyer, but need financial support

Tristan Beard (Y8) – Art – Work is off scale already and puts lots of hours in

No nominations this year             Drama

2 x Sports Awards – AJH

Will Dobson – Trampolining

Tim Dannatt – Ski-ing

Adam Beddall – Cycling

August 2012


Total Funds at 31st December, 2011 £49, 176
Total Funds at 31st December, 2011 £49, 494
Annual Commitments From Donors £1, 450

I am delighted to report that we will pass our target of £50k for the Bursary in this year, which is a key milestone in the development of the Fund.

By now I am sure you will be aware of the objectives of the Fund, but to remind you, this is what is laid out in the original Trust Deed, when it was set up in 2001:-

“The objective of the Fund is to improve and widen the educational and life skills of students at the Crypt School, Gloucester.
This objective would be achieved by awarding bursaries to talented or gifted pupils of the school, providing them with funds not normally available to them, to pursue their talents, and improve their performance in their specialist area.”

In the early years a lot of the awards went to non-academic students for activities such as Music, Drama and Sport, however in the past year the trustees have decided to be far more prescriptive on the awards process.

It has been agreed that the variety of the awards should be diverse and inclusive, rather than focusing just on sport and the arts. Future awards will therefore be made in the following categories:-

– Academic Awards
– Arts Awards
– Sports Awards
– Travel Awards for school trips

It is also important that on making these awards, the trustees should apply some form of means testing, to ensure that the funds are particularly targeted at the less fortunate students.

Objectives For The Coming Years

In order to ensure that the capital of the Fund is protected, it is essential that we increase the level of regular donations each year. The trustees are looking at a number of schemes that will incentivise Old Cryptians to commit to making a regular donation each year, which will boost the current level of £1,450 to £3,000 pa.

All that is needed is 31 additional people to make an annual donation by standing order of £50 to achieve this target! So if you are reading this, and feel that you can spare £50 a year towards assisting potential students achieve their ambitions, please download the forms from the website, or email me at clive@clive-thomas.co.uk and I will provide you with all the information you need.

Why Make A Donation To The Fund?

Since 1945 we estimate that some 6000 pupils have received the distinctive quality of education that is part of the rich tradition and inheritance of the Crypt School. So many have been successful in a very broad range of careers and the Crypt can pride itself on its effective groundwork in setting so many of those persons on their way in life.

We are convinced that the Bursary Award Scheme is currently our most effective way of supporting the School and this after all is our principal purpose (see the Club’s Constitution). We are all aware of the tremendous upsurge in the School’s performance in recent years and of the first rate opportunities of a high-class style of education that it now affords all its pupils.

The Bursary Awards’ Scheme goes one step further. The scheme provides an opportunity for the current and future generations of young Cryptians of high ability and motivation to obtain the specialist tuition, essential equipment and other assistance that will enable them to raise their standards still higher. And not only these pupils but also the whole School will benefit – for these richly talented pupils become the main thrust in the School orchestra or the School dramatic productions or the School teams, or go on to recognise the school as turning out high academic achievers. Such high levels of achievement are essential if the Crypt School is to continue to attract the most able boys and girls from the widest social background.

So whether it is by making an annual donation, or writing a codicil to your will, making a final bequest to the fund, you can be assured that those funds will help some budding young Cryptian towards achieving their potential and preserving the traditions of such a great school.

Thank you in advance for your continuing support.

Clive Thomas – Chairman, Bursary Trustees.