The Cryptian

The Cryptian Magazine

The Club in conjunction with the school aims to publish the Cryptian Magazine annually in September.


The Cryptian has two sections, the majority of the magazine is news and content from the school giving all readers an overview of school life and interests.  The OCC section relies on members to submit articles of interest, news of members and obituaries.

Submit an Article

The Editorial Board wish to thank all contributors for the time, care and effort spent in making each issue of The Cryptian possible. More articles, reminiscences, poems, letters, photographs, recipes, etc will be welcome for future issues from present students as well as Old Cryptians.

Can you contribute an article?

Please attach the content you wish to submit to an email and send to – please include photos which make the articles more interesting.  Please also indicate if you would like the article to be for the Cryptian magazine only, or to be added to this website (the assumption is that it will be for the website immediately and the next publication of the Cryptian).