Bernard Acland 1929-2018

Bernard Acland (1937-42) passed away on January 10 2018 aged 88 after a long and distinguished life of public service. Bernard was a family member of strong Crypt school traditions. His father John (Jack to many) had earlier attended school (1910-1916) and later his grandsons Timothy (1966-73), Jeremy (1971-76) and Richard (1974-79) followed him.

During  the 2nd WW Bernard joined various Cadet forces representing the Airforce, Army and Royal Navy. They paraded on the Crypt school playground part of which was covered with Air raid shelters.

After Crypt, Bernard attended Wycliffe school in Stonehouse and went on to St Pauls Teacher Training College in Cheltenham. He became fully committed in activities with youth organisations  throughout the City and County and held an Honorary Commission with the Royal Air Force. For his steadfast work he was later awarded an O.B.E

The family business which claimed his attention was originally called The Gloucester Bottle Company. It later took over Washbournes Ltd Wine and Spirits Merchants in Bell Lane and later Berkely St.

Bernard following John his father was dedicated to Free Masonry and rose to high levels in various orders .His late wife was Daphne, the sister of Bob Short well known as a founder member of the Cotswold Auction Company active in Gloucester, Cheltenham and Cirencester.

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