Committee Minutes

OCC Committee, Annual General and Extraordinary General Meeting Minutes

A collection of all the committee minutes to date - this is an ongoing activity to bring all minutes together.
2008Committee Meeting 200801Committee Meeting 200805
2009Committee Meeting 200905EGM 200905


OCC.The Constitution of the Old Cryptian's Club 2009-final
2010Committee Meeting 201001Committee Meeting 201005Committee Meeting 201009
2011Committee Meeting 201101

Committee Meeting 201101 Item 3
Committee Meeting 201105Committee Meeting 201110
2012Committee Meeting 201201Committee Meeting 201205
2013OCC Minutes 4th January 2013, FinalOCC Minutes May 2013, Final
2014OCC Minutes 20th May 2014, FinalOCC Minutes 13th October 2014, Final
2015OCC Minutes 12th January 2015, FinalAGM 201503OCC Minutes 12th May 2015, FinalOCC Minutes 8th October 2015 Final
2016OCC Minutes 07012016, FinalOCC Minutes May 2016, FinalOCC Committee Meeting Minutes_10.10.16
2017OCC Minutes 9th January 2017, FinalOCC-Minutes-10th-May-2017-Final.docxOCC Minutes 10th October 2017, Final 2017, Final
2018OCC Committee Meeting Minutes_15.01.18_finalOCC Committee Meeting Minutes_21.05.18_finalOCC Minutes_16.10.18_final
2019OCC Minutes_23.01.19finalOld Cryptians' Club_Annual Accounts 2018_draft

OCCAGM Agenda_23.03.19

OCC AGM Treasurer's Report_2018

OCC AGM Discover DeCrypt Project Annual Report 2018

OCCAGM Centenary Bursary Fund Draft Annual Accounts2018

OCC AGM Centenary Bursary Fund Annual Report_2018

Old Cryptians' Club AGM 24.03.2018_final
OCC Minutes 21.10.19
2020OCC Minutes 20200512OCC Minutes 20201012
2021OCC Minutes 19.01.21OCC-Minutes_21.09.22_final


Minutes 2008

CM 200801

CM 200805

Minutes 2009

CM 200905

EGM 200905


OCC.The Constitution of the Old Cryptian’s Club 2009-final

Minutes 2010

CM 201001

CM 201005

CM 201009

Minutes 2011

CM 201101

CM 201101 Item 3

CM 201105

CM 201110

Minutes 2012

CM 201201

OCC Minutes May 2012, Final

Minutes 2013

OCC Minutes 4th January 2013, Final

OCC Minutes May 2013, Final

Minutes 2014

OCC Minutes 20th May 2014, Final

OCC Minutes 13th October 2014, Final

Minutes 2015

OCC Minutes 12th January 2015, Final

OCC Minutes 12th May 2015, Final

OCC Minutes 8th October 2015 Final

Minutes 2016

OCC Minutes 07012016, Final

OCC Minutes May 2016, Final


Minutes 2017

OCC Minutes 9th January 2017, Final

OCC Minutes 10th May 2017, Final

OCC Minutes 10th October 2017, Final

Minutes 2018

OCC Minutes_16.10.18_final

Minutes 2019

OCC Minutes_23.01.19final

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