OCC Centenary Bursary 2001


The purpose of the Fund is to advance the education of talented or gifted full time
students at the School, by awarding bursaries to enable them to improve or extend their
educational or life skills.

Current Trustees

The current Trustees are:

  • Richard Browning (Chairman)
  • Clive Thomas (Treasurer)
  • Mike Beard
  • Richard Briggs
  • Adam Ashby

Charitable Status

The Charity Commissioners have approved our charitable status. The registered number is 1094627.

We can recover standard rate tax payments from the Inland Revenue and higher rate taxpayers are able to recover higher rate tax from their contributions. Please send your donations to Richard Browning or to Clive Thomas. The necessary forms are on this web site.


Foundation of the Bursary Fund

OCC Centenary Bursary Fund 2001

In 1999, as the 2000 Millennium approached, a meeting of the General Committee of the Old
Cryptians Club (OCC) was held at which ideas were sought for the Club to celebrate tha

The Headmaster, David Lamper said that he knew of other schools that had Bursary Funds for
the benefit of their pupils and he wondered if the OCC would be willing to set up such a bursary.
A previous Fund had existed , in memory of two Old Cryptans. The last person to receive an
award was John Allen (1932-39). He wished to enter the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth,
but lacked funds and parental support. The bursary award enabled him to complete his
training. A condition of the award was that he had to repay the money that had been awarded
when he graduated. That, he duly did!

He served throughout the Second World War and retired in the rank of Commander.
Dr Graham Russell (1944-52) volunteered to set up the Fund. He had been a member of the
committee for almost 40 years and had been President in 1992.

His only caveat was that A L. C Smith had once warned him that it had always been very
difficult to obtain money from Old Cryptians! However,undeterred by that memory, his original target was set at £10,000.

A local lawyer, an Old Boy of the Kings School Gloucester, drew up the original draft
documents on a pro bono basis. Graham Russell then discussed these with his contemporary Gordon Jones (1942-50), an Old Cryptian solicitor, who agreed to take over the legal work. His legal firm then processed the final deed and obtained approval from the Chanty Commissioners – also carried out at no cost to the OCC.

Unanimous approval to set up the Fund was given at the Annual General Meeting of the Club,
held in March 2002, at the proposal of John Crowe and Hugh Roc.

A Special General Meeting of the Club on 3rd July 2002 approved the trust deed and a
subsequent committee meeting appointed the following as Trustees:

  • Gregory Robert Barton ( Sales Manager)
  • Clive Raymond Thomas (Accountant )
  • David John Lamper (Headmaster ) – ex officio
  • Graham Alfred Russell ( Medical Practitioner)
  • Gordon Richard Jones (Solicitor)

The Bursary Fund, Registered Charity Number 1094627 was set up in October 2002, with the
first trustees meeting held in November 2002.


The Bursary was launched in London at the AGM of the London Old Cryptians Club, held at
the Old Cheshire Cheese Inn, Fleet Street, London, November 2002.
In that historic Inn the first meeting of the Trustees was held and Graham Russell was elected
Chairman of the Trustees.
In the first year over £10.000 was donated by 45 donors. The first awards were made in 2004.

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