Founders’ Day Dinner 2019

Following the very enjoyable and impressive service in the cathedral, the dinner took place in the Parliament Suite, along the lines of earlier years, with 53 attending a buffet meal.  The lack of numbers was slightly disappointing compared with other years but people seemed to enjoy the evening. 

As well as celebrating the founding of the school, the dinner is used to handover the presidency of the club. We were able to reflect on a successful year in office from Jason, who has set in place the revival of the much missed Cryptian magazine, delivered a succession plan for future presidents and planted the seeds for defining a purpose for the club in the future.

The headmaster once again gave an overview of the considerable achievements that the school can lay claim to over the current school year and outlined exciting plans for the future.

Our new president – Adam Ashby – is looking forward to nurturing the seedlings of a networking and mentoring purpose for the club and also has rather rashly offered to fundraise for a new scoreboard for the splendid new pavilion at school – likely sponsors are encouraged to step forward!

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