The Bursary Fund – an update


 By Clive Thomas, President 2012-13 and Chairman of the Trustees

 The Trustees’ Audit: January 2013

Since the launch of the Bursary on Founders’ Day, July 2002, only 98 of a vast number Old Cryptians, have become donors. Sadly 18 of these persons have passed away. Ideally in the short term the Trustees seek to make good the shortfall and take our number of donors beyond 100.

Currently, we have investments just in excess of £50,000. This enables the Trustees to make awards to the total value of only £1600 in any school year.

Autumn Term 2012

In the AutumnTerm 2012 Bursaries were awarded to six students, five at Oxbridge and one at Birmingham University. The sum awarded to each student was £300.

 Summer Term 2013 

The Trustees plan to award 16 or more bursaries across the full age range.

The four categories of these awards will be: A] Academic   B] Arts e.g. Music, drama and art   C] Sports   D] Educational Travel.

 2013/2014 Trustees’ Targets

*To enrol a minimum of TWENTY new donors.

*To raise a minimum of £ 10,000.

*To award a minimum of 30 bursaries.

 A Question for all Old Cryptians

Cryptians deserve the financial support of those of us it has served so well in their formative years.”    Charles Lepper (Hon Life Member).

 If these words ring true for you then the Trustees implore you to consider becoming a donor in 2013, or in 2014, the year we shall commemorate the 475th Anniversary of the Foundation of The Crypt.

A Token of the Trustees’ Gratitude to Donors

At the Dinner in March 2013 a draw will be made and three most acceptable prizes will be presented to donors on the current list.

 An Inducement to prospective Donors 2014.

At the 475TH Anniversary Dinner the donors’ draw will be to the value of £100.


Full details of the OCC Bursary may be found on the Club website:

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